State of the Fraternity

President Max Fransen:

“Progress shall mark our every step,” it’s something we say every Monday night before chapter. For the first time in a long time, I can honestly say I have seen people in this chapter live it. We have vastly improved relations with our Association, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Inter Fraternal Council, and International FarmHouse. Our ability to show progress has not only been noticed by these organizations, but also by other FarmHouse fraternities across the country as well as other fraternities on campus. As a chapter we have not only raised $7,000 through our tractor raffle, but also helped raise $3,700 during the Water Walk and Hog roast, enough to put in a fourth well in Africa with Illinois State’s name on it. We have improved the quality of the house by putting in a new dishwater, landscaping in front of the house, and making our office functional. Funding has been arranged for $500 out of our monthly dues to association to go straight into funding for our sprinkler system that needs to be put in by 2019. By doing so, we have set the future of this house up for success, rather than continue to not plan ahead.

In the future I would like to reevaluate our New Member process, including a larger use of the big brother system and having officers of the house present to them regarding various tools to build men. I would also like to look at our use of the point system and look at better means of punishment. I also believe we need to continue to improve our campus involvement. I would like to see us attend three other philanthropies as a house, take part in community service as a house, and hold one educational program with another fraternity or sorority on campus.

One big topic I believe our house needs to strongly support is hosting a Light the Night event. While this is a huge commitment, Chris and I have already talked to the Alpha fraternity on campus and they have expressed interest in helping us out. We also have a lot of support coming from Yesi at IFC, she takes this personal and will see to it that we will succeed. The lymphoma and leukemia society will help out by sending all the t shirts and balloons we need for the event, our job will be to organize the event. We have a lot going for us with this event, not only do we have the whole university to tap into for support, but we would also be the only Light the Night event within an 80 mile radius. This is not only a great opportunity to help people, it is also a great recruiting tool and an opportunity to improve campus and community relations.

Lastly, the budget Chris is going to present tonight is key. In order for our house to continue to grow, we need to stop eating money and Chris has done an excellent job breaking down the numbers. By making this decision tonight, I believe we will set our house up for success both now and in the future.

I know I expect a lot out of you, but I see so much untapped potential in this house. We have an opportunity to be not only a top house on campus, but also a model FarmHouse for other chapters. In the end, however, it boils down to how much we are going to have to be willing to work. Is progress going to mark our every step? Are we, as men, going to sacrifice times, pleasures and comforts? The answer is up to you guys? How good do you want to be? I want to be great. Thank you.

-April 2015

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